Reloved furniture & interiors

We believe that objects have energy, specific to them.  That an item made by human hand, created with care and attention is different from an item assembled on a production line. 

A special place in our heart is reserved for restored furniture, full of history and stories of love. Not only do such items have a unique meaning, but they also complement each the modern interior design trends perfectly. The same is true for Cup of Tea armchairs, where we most often preserve the original color of the wood but change them into quality velvet of selected colors. By doing so, we preserve their story and add a touch of love to them.

When buying a Cup of Tea product, we want you to feel all the care and love with which an item was made. Whether it’s a reloved armchair, a hand-sewn pillow or a knitted blanket – all our products will bring a touch of uniqueness and originality to your home.

The Cup of Tea gives new life to used furniture and offers velvet, crocheted or knitted decorative pieces that have been hand made with all our love. We are convinced they will steal your heart and bring you joy for years to come.

Restoration of your furniture

Grandma’s armchair, grandpa’s chair, …

Would you like to rescue a used piece of furniture and offer it a new place in your home? Are you still in love with an old armchair that’s been in your family for generations and is starting to show its age?

We can take care of that. No worries – we will handle it with all the care and love we have. In addition, we will “redesign” it to perfectly complement your home and existing interior.

Each product has its own characteristics. Pros and cons. We are here for you to review your existing furniture, discuss your wishes and needs for placing the item in your home and present our vision of restoration.

We are confident that with our experience and the respect we have for used furniture, we will help you write a new love story for your chair, armchair or cushion.

Contact us at and we will get started!