1. Company data

CUP OF TEA, trgovina, oglaševanje, svetovanje in druge storitve, d.o.o.

Verstovškova ulica 4, 2000 Maribor

Registration number: 8054169000

Tax number: 36798754

CUP OF TEA d.o.o. is the owner and the operator of


2. Use, scope and purpose of data collection, storage and processing

The owner of the website respects the users‘ right to privacy and strives for the highest level of personal data protection. He is obliged to act in accordance with the laws and regulations defining the protection of personal data, in particular in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, the Electronic Communications Act and the EU General Regulation on Data Protection.

Personal data is stored and processed for the purpose of processing online orders, maintaining contact with customers, marketing information via e-mail, sales promotion, customer profiling with the aim of communicating a customized offer via e-mail and on the website

For the purpose of processing and the possibility of processing received orders and further notifications related to purchases made, the following data shall be kept:

  • Name and surname
  • Postal address
  • Phone Number
  • Email address
  • Company name (in case of an order from a legal entity)

The data is collected on the basis of a completed form (condition for online purchase).

An e-newsletter subscription is also available on the website, where information on the e-mail address is collected and stored. The data is used to send marketing messages (offers and news from CUP OF TEA d.o.o.). In the case of e-mail marketing, the opening of sent e-mails and clicks on links in received messages are recorded. Recorded data is processed and analyzed. They are kept for 12 months. Based on the results, the interest on the content is estimated. 


3. Output, storage and deletion of data

Personal data is collected with the consent. Consents are recorded together with their data. 

Under no circumstances will the owner of the website sell, lend or in any other way provide information about users to unauthorized third parties without the consent of the users. If necessary, the data is passed on to third parties who take care of the operation and maintenance of the website, who are obliged to protect personal data under the same conditions as the owner of the website (CUP OF TEA d.o.o.).

The collected personal data are stored in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia and in no case are they exported to other countries. In exceptional cases, the owner of the website transfers the collected personal data, in accordance with the law, to the state and security authorities (a formal request for the transfer of personal data).

The submitted data is kept until the withdrawal of the consent. In the event of withdrawal, the data shall be deleted immediately.

If the purposes described above for which personal data are stored and processed cease to exist, the data shall be permanently deleted immediately.


4. Website

The website is hosted on a secure web server with a verified web service provider. The website is regularly updated and properly maintained (security review and security).


5. Withdrawal of consent

The visitor has the right to inspect the personal data stored about him, to correct personal data, to complete deletion, to transfer data to another provider of related services, to interrupt the processing and storage or. to revoke the consent for processing and storage.

Consent can be revoked at any time. The visitor of the website does this by sending a request for revocation of consent to CUP OF TEA d.o.o. will respond to the request within 3 working days and permanently delete the collected personal data.

In case of a request for inspection, correction or transfer, the visitor sends a request to CUP OF TEA d.o.o. will respond to the request within 3 working days and notify the visitor of the next steps.


6. Unsubscribe from receiving emails

In each sent e-mail, there is an automatic unsubscribe from receiving e-mails by clicking on the „Unsubscribe“ button. In this case, CUP OF TEA d.o.o. stops sending emails, the data is stored until canceled.


7. Additionally

For all additional explanations regarding the personal data protection policy in the company CUP OF TEA d.o.o, please contact