The Essentials

The velvet cushions are available in three basic geometric shapes: a circle that mimics the organic shape of a spot or dot, and a square that remotely resembles the shape of a semi-precious stone, and a triangle, that with its special shape represent immense strength. In addition to the newly added heart shape - a shape of love, these three geometric pillows represents the essence and basis of Cup of Tea products. Simplicity and purity combined with high-quality velvet in rich colour shades. The pillows are soft, durable and handmade from start to finish. For you - with love.

Cup Of Tea Velvet Circle Pillow Rose
Cup Of Tea Reloved Chair Velvet
Triangle Velvet Pillow Cushion Cup Of Tea
CUP OF TEA Heart Velvet Pillow Rose Orange
Cup Of Tea Velvet Square Pillow Blue