Brinas Studio X Cup of Tea

For our new collection of sustainable furniture Rosy Sky we teamed up with Brinas Studio. The result of the Brinas Studio X COT collaboration is a beautiful Armchair Rosy Sky 001. The armchair is designed and developed by us and the fabric is dyed by Brinas Studio. She used a washed canvas from organic cotton and linen, and as a filling we used a combination of hemp, wool and cotton fibers. Armchair Rosy Sky 001 is available for purchase and can be shipped anywhere in the world.

Under Brinas Studio, we can find an inseparable and creative duo - Romana Brina Gobec and nature. Brinas Studio offers "ready to wear" clothes, which Romana dyes with natural colors, inspired by everything and anything around her. It is also possible to order custom fabric dying, which is often upcycle dying, i.e. the dying of vintage pieces that are ready for a refresh due to long-term use. In addition to clothing, Romana organizes workshops where participants can experience conscious creation through natural dyeing.

The key characteristics of natural colors are that they are not petroleum derivatives, do not pollute the environment and do not harm our skin. In addition, they bring a new dimension of color depth and intensity, as they are obtained from natural pigments and are therefore multi-pigmented, whereby it is impossible to describe the shade with just one color.

So what is dyeing with natural dyes and how does it work? In order for the colors to last, it is very important to choose and pre-prepare the fabric, whereby only natural materials can be dyed with natural colors. The material can be prepared for dyeing using various techniques (at least 8 hours and over 6 steps). This is followed by the preparation of dyes and color baths. Colors can be extracted from flowers, wood, leaves, kitchen scraps, etc. Then the painting begins. Romana says: “natural dyeing is a slow and nature-related process that involves a lot of picking, soaking, wringing, mixing, twisting, rinsing and manual work in general”.

Romana describes natural dying as a process of learning to let go of control, as the end result cannot be 100% predicted or repeated. Every piece of textile is completely unique and unrepeatable. For Brinas Studio X COT Armchair Rosy Sky 001, feminine and gentle colors – pink, yellow and soft red – were chosen. Romana combined different painting techniques and used 3 different color recipes in the color palette of yellow (obtained from yellowish padlock), coral red (from madder root) and pink (from parasitic cochineal insects).

In order to keep the colors looking fresh as long as possible, it is recommended not to leave the clothes in the sun, to wash them at a low temperature and with a pH-neutral powder. In the case of the Armchair Rosy Sky 001, we advise you to moisten a wet cloth with a ph-neutral powder and clean the textile with light circular movements.


Going back to the beginning of Brinas Studio, Romana says: “It started with an Instagram post about dyeing fabric with avocado, which I saw by chance. From there, I dived into research. It is so close and familiar to me, that sometimes I feel that I have found my creative “home”. Only now I slowly understand why natural colors called me – to show me how to let go of control (which you can never really have with natural dying), to teach me patience (because each step takes a relatively long time to be finished) and to bring me closer to nature and myself”.

Brinas Studio decor shows off  Romana’s taste, which she describes as: “a combination of carefully handcrafted retro pieces from the 50s, 60s, 70s transferred into a bright, airy, minimalist space with the addition of expressive elements from nature (stones, branches and similar) and plants (plants and plants and plants).

Brinas Studio offers a sustainable and ethical choice – local, handmade, personally processed clothing, which, according to Romana, are: “more loving towards all parts of the production and consumption chain”.


Thank you Romana!