Lučkabučka is Lučka Berlot, a lover of pleasant light, organic shapes and design. The Lučkabučka brand was created about 10 years ago and it started with a desire to design a table lamp for her room. Unsatisfied with the selection in stores, Lučka put her sculpting skills – which she acquired during her studies in art pedagogy – into practice, and the first lamp base was created. It all began in her home balcony. Soon after and due to the growing demand, Lučka moved to a studio that used to be a weaving and sewing workshop from Lučkas grandmother and her sister.  

The first lamps were made of blown concrete. The material was light, easy to process, non-combustible and had an interesting texture.

Today, most of her orders are for hanging lamps. The process of making them has changed a bit, and the material used is also different. Todays materials are mostly a mineral mixture, which in terms of properties (transparency, hardness) resemble porcelain. You can choose a hand-made Lučkabučka lamp from two existing collections or order a unique lamp to fit your space perfectly. She is also available for consulting and light design.

Handmade Lučkabučka lamps can be admired in various locations around Slovenia. Lučka made two large lanterns for the Krištof resort, which in their shape resemble the two halves of a broken egg (a lantern for the dining room, where dishes made from local ingredients, including eggs are served). For the Jasna Chalet resort, she gathered the wooden components from a nearby Pišnica river, then followed the natural forms of the material and incorporated it into the lamp. Lučka describes: “I am most happy to be in direct contact with clients and families, and the nicest compliment I got, was from a client who said, that she is excited for her evenings at home, when she turns on the light and plunges into a soft, warm and pleasant atmosphere.”

For Lučkabučka X COT lamp, Lučka painted the Pendant Light Rosy Sky 002 with natural colors.


Lučka told us that she is most comfortable with the Scandinavian style of decor, adding: “at the same time, I also enjoy the Japanese wabisabi philosophy and their aesthetics. Sometimes I’m also attracted to retro or eclectic style, but more for some details”.

The sustainable aspect of production and consumption is also very important for Lučka, and she advises: “we don’t need 1,000 people who live an impeccable zero-waste life, but 1,000 people who make an effort and take small but persistent steps in the field of ecological and socially responsible consumption.”


Thank you Lučka!