Alja Horvat X Cup of Tea

This collaboration started off slightly differently, as we turned to potential new owners of armchairs - Alja's Instagram followers for the selection of armchairs. After we sent Alja the photos of available armchairs, Alja posted “mock-ups” of armchairs with various patters in her Instagram stories. Her followers voted and three beautiful, different armchairs were chosen alongside the three pattern samples – which we later used in the transformation. Before starting a project, Alja often uses this method to receive invaluable insight into the interests and wishes of potential customers.

Alja created all three patterns for her fashion collection and then adapted them to selected Cup of Tea armchairs. After receiving the prints, our work began. We replaced the cushions, refreshed the frame of armchairs, sewed new upholstery by hand, glued protective felt on the legs and finally added badges "by Alja Horvat" and “Reloved by CUP OF TEA”.

You can shop all there, exquisite armchairs in our webshop right here.


Alja named her patterns after the songs she listen to at that moment (the moment of creation). The first pattern is therefore called “Season of The Witch” (Donovan), the second pattern is named “I’ll Follow The Sun” (The Beatles), and the third pattern is “Crystal” (Fleetwood Mac).

The first pattern (Season of The Witch) for Reloved Armchairs 075 & 082, which Alja describes as the “simplest”, did not find its way into her fashion collection, but it was created with the intention of combining it with the rest of the patterns. Reloved Armchair 076 is covered in a pattern (I’ll Follow The Sun) that carries a nostalgic touch. Alja got her inspiration for it from the memory of her grandmother’s garden. Last but not least, the pattern (Crystal) for Reloved Armchair 077 with psychedelic flowers, was inspired by the 60s and 70s of the last century. Alja’s favourite Cup of Tea piece is the armchair with “simple” flowers in purple-red-yellow.


Alja told us that she decides on collaborations by first asking herself, if at a given opportunity, she would make this kind of product on her own. It is also very important to her that she has the same principles and values ​​with the company she collaborates. She particularly emphasizes the principles of socially responsible and sustainable production. Alja is convinced that every individual can contribute to socially responsible production, as their behaviour can encourage companies to change or adapt their practices and operations. Where there is demand, there is supply.


As far as decor is concerned, Alja loves “midcentury modern design”. She uses her patterns on various products, from art prints, clothes, accessories and also furniture and she adjusts the size of the elements of the pattern to the size of the product on which the pattern will be used.


Alja advises young entrepreneurs and designer to never give up. As he says: “It seems to me that a lot of people give up very quickly because success doesn’t come overnight. I personally believe that success requires a lot of perseverance, a lot of effort and, most importantly, that we believe in ourselves”.


Thank you Alja!