Cup of Tea gives new love to
furniture and interiors

Every piece of furniture is created with the intention of bringing something good into someone’s life. Comfort, space, practicality, memory, the value of the beautiful, the collectible and more. Therefore, each person has a completely different attitude towards an individual item, and rightly so.

At Cup of Tea, we believe in two things when it comes to furniture and life in general – good stories and love. That is why, we have a special place in our hearts for furniture that been at the center of different stories for a long time, and still carries their energy within itself. And even if old furniture is a little broken down or perhaps even useless, with a great deal of love and care, we can give it a new opportunity to bring something good back to someone’s life.

When you give yourself or someone else a Cup of Tea hand-sewn pillow, a knitted blanket or a reloved armchair, you give a unique story and love that will attract the eyes and win over hearts in every room.

With love, Cup of Tea

You have an old piece of furniture,
that needs a little bit of love?

In the homes of grandmothers and grandfathers, treasures are often hidden. Especially those, that due to their decay, we no longer notice or appreciate. We don’t even consider that renovation could restore their splendour and turn them into unique works of art.

At Cup of Tea, we can do just that. We can breathe new life into your old piece of furniture and make sure that the piece is admired, respected and has useful value again.

Write to us at, attach a picture of the piece you would like to give a new love to, and we will happily and responsibly embark on the process of careful renovation.